Bellfield Speech Pathology is proud to announce that the new headquarters of Cellfield International is now operating at Unit 6, 122 Albert Rd Warragul.  Cellfield centres operate in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Cellfield Reading Program

Some children experience difficulty in learning to read even though they are of normal intelligence.

School reports show the child keeps falling behind. Parents know there is something wrong. Tuition helps for a while. Then the plateau reappears and nothing works. These are symptoms of dyslexia, which needs expert diagnosis and a new research-based approach.

Recent brain imaging has highlighted that dyslexics have an absence of cross connections in their left rear language areas, involving visual, auditory and motor functions. These are critical to the development of fluent reading skills. Targeting visual, auditory or motor functions separately fails to create adequate cross-communications.

Cellfield is the world’s first reading program to target the left rear language area of the brain by simultaneous activation of key causal areas and their interconnections.

Evidence of the effectiveness of Cellfield’s approach is confirmed by research and by professionals using Cellfield in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, who are recording results similar to the research study. (Average comprehension gains of a year, and decoding gains of almost two years, have been achieved in less than one month on the Cellfield Progam).

Cellfield Reading Program Explained

The Cellfield Reading Program consists of ten one-hour sessions at a Cellfield practice conducted over two weeks.

A follow on ten-week reading fluency phase is required to automise newly acquired skills and fill in the gaps as they arise. More severe children may need longer intervention and follow-up times.

The patented Cellfield Reading Program is language-based, using acoustically modified sound to assist auditory perception. Aural representations of words are broken down into sound units and accompanied by their visual representations.

Language exercises, overlaid by innovative moving graphics, stimulate critical visual functions, inducing intense attention and enhancing working memory.

Suitable Candidates for the Cellfield Reading Program

The Cellfield Reading Program addresses:
• Poor reading and comprehension
• Low phonological awareness and decoding skills
• Concentration, attention or retention difficulties
• Suspected eye-tracking problems
• Discomfort, loss of place or tiredness when reading.

If you would like more information about the Cellfield Reading Program, contact Bellfield Speech Pathology, go to Cellfield Gippsland Facebook page or Cellfield International website, and find out how the program can achieve outstanding results in as little as two weeks!

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