Welcome to Bellfield Speech Pathology – we are committed to meeting individual needs.

Starting in 1990, and now celebrating 28 years of meeting individual needs. Rhonda Campbell identified a need for affordable independent services, that allowed families and schools to access ongoing speech pathology, free of waiting lists and departmental limitations.

What We Do

At Bellfield Speech Pathology, we offer affordable ongoing individualised speech therapy for all age groups.

As a family friendly practice, we make you our priority, removing waiting times by freeing ourselves from departmental and caseload constraints.

At Bellfield we will identify the source of you or your child’s difficulties, then design a custom, individualised speech therapy program which will focus on moving towards your desired outcome.

This outcome focus enables us to monitor progress to ensure that all the skills required are being developed successfully.

Participation with others in the life of our clients is also encouraged, as this allows us to share information and ideas to optimise the progress made and your outcomes.

Bellfield Speech Pathology is here to support you and your family.  Don’t wait.  We are committed to meeting individual needs. Contact us today for a friendly consultation with one of our staff to find out how we may be able to be of assistance.